The Workout

CoreLab is the only studio in Westchester County to offer the innovative Lagree Fitness workout. The workout, designed by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree, fuses elements of Pilates, strength training and circuit training to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body quickly and safely. The workout involves an ever-changing series of exercises performed on the Megaformer, ensuring a heart pumping, muscle fatiguing, low-impact, body-shaping experience.

At the core of this workout is the custom-built Megaformer, a significant evolution from the Pilates reformer. The Megaformer provides constant resistance and counter-resistance using a system of springs and pulleys to deliver an intense full body workout. It offers numerous exercise options for the upper and lower body, and allows the body to transition smoothly and efficiently from one exercise to the next while maintaining an elevated heart rate. While on the Megaformer, your muscles are engaged in a non-aggressive, low-impact manner making this workout as good for your joints as it is for your muscles. The workout is aimed at both men and women and will leave you with a lithe and powerful body, earned in a safe and effective manner.

The Science Behind the Workout

Five Key Requirements to Achieve Physical Fitness:

Muscular Strength

The ability of a muscle to exert force during an activity. The key to making muscles stronger is working them against a resistance, whether that is weights, gravity or springs.

Muscular Endurance

The ability of a muscle to continue to perform without fatigue.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

The ability of the body's circulatory and respiratory systems to supply fuel during sustained physical activity.


The range of motion around a joint. Flexibility in the joints can help prevent injuries through all stages of life.

Body composition

The relative amount of muscle, fat, bone and other vital parts of the body. A person's total body weight may not change over time but his/her body composition might change as a result of gaining fat and losing muscle (or vice versa). The bathroom scale does not adequately assess body composition. It will not differentiate between fat mass and lean muscle mass.

The following are key elements of CoreLab's Megaformer training program that will help you achieve a high level of physical fitness:

Progressive Overloading

A muscle will only strengthen when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity. The load must be progressively increased in order to counteract the adaptive responses of the muscle. Progressive overloading is the foundation of muscle growth and strength gains and an intrinsic part of the workout. The Megaformer enables progressive overloading through the use of variable spring-based resistance and a repertoire of increasingly challenging exercises.

Slow and Controlled Movement

All of the exercises in the class are taught at a slow and controlled pace. The lifting and lowering phases of any of the exercises should span at least 4 seconds to eliminate the use of momentum. Lifting slowly and with control, forces the muscle to stay contracted throughout the entire range of motion and this is a key factor in promoting increased strength. Another advantage of slow and controlled movements is the lower risk of injury compared to other methods of lifting; many joint injuries occur from lifting weights too quickly.


Intensity is the amount of effort required or the amount of energy required to do the work. CoreLab's workout is intense due to minimal rest times and constant resistance, but it is carefully designed to minimize stress on the joints and the spine through proper form and slow and controlled movements.

Multiple Muscles

CoreLab's Megaformer workout works multiple muscles at the same time, making the workout incredibly time efficient while increasing the calorie burn compared to isolated muscle exercises. There is also the added benefit of developing core strength faster through the need to stabilize that body throughout our full body exercises. This additionally aids in improving balance and coordination.


EPOC is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It represents a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake subsequent to strenuous activity through which the body attempts to restore itself to a pre-exercise state. EPOC is accompanied by an elevated consumption of fuel (including an elevated consumption of fat). The EPOC effect is highest soon after exercise and diminishes over time, with some studies showing EPOC lasting up to 38 hours after exercise. Studies have shown that the rate of EPOC is correlated to the intensity of a workout. Accordingly, CoreLab's workout keeps the intensity up throughout to maximize the subsequent EPOC burn.

The Studio

CoreLab is located at 192 Katonah Avenue in the heart of Katonah. We are a small studio with only six Megaformers, allowing us ample time in a 50 minute class to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their workout.

About Us

Kimberly Holzmann-Krolick (Owner/Director) - Trainer, Lagree Fitness Method @ CoreLab

I am delighted to bring this workout to Katonah and to Westchester! It is an absolute love of mine. I stumbled across the Lagree Fitness method while living in London, England a few years back. I had just had my second child and was looking to get back in shape. I was also experiencing neck pain due to long hours spent at a desk, so I turned to my neighborhood pilates studio for a low-impact way to get back in shape. However, what I discovered in my first session was that this was not "pilates", but something very different indeed. The workout left my muscles shaking and me wanting more. I've run marathons, done spin, yoga, traditional pilates, spent hours on elliptical trainers and treadmills, lifted weights, swam competitively, competed in obstacle/military-style races and never in my life have I seen the kind of results that I got from doing the Lagree Fitness workout. In eight weeks, I dropped two clothing sizes (smaller than I was in high school), but more importantly, I was strong, lean, fit and energized.

The key to this workout is the intensity but, as it is low-impact (no bouncing and absolutely no jumping), it's a workout that can be done safely and effectively for many years to come. It is also incredibly time efficient. Does anyone really want to spend more time working out?

I dearly missed my workout when I moved back to the States so I decided to bring it here and share it with you. I hope that you get as much from it as I do. If you have any questions about the workout, please drop me an email and I would be delighted to discuss it with you.


Jillian is a Bronx native who was raised playing sports from a young age. As a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader, Jillian did some damage to her joints that no longer made running an option. As a lover of movement, a yoga instructor and a lululemon ambassador, she is always looking for a challenging workout that is kind to her joints. Jillian took just one class at CoreLab and she was hooked! The strength gained and results seen within this non-impact workout were all the reason Jillian needed to train to teach the Lagree fitness method.

Amy is a long time yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast who discovered, and fell in love with the Megaformer workout after her yoga students suggested she try it. She was instantly hooked on its strengthening, lengthening, zero impact intensity. Amy lives in Katonah with her husband and two sons and is an aspiring triathlete.

No more suits for Nadya. After seeing the endless benefits of the Megaformer workout, she became hooked and left her corporate job behind. Expect each class of hers to be a challenging adventure (to say the least!). When not on the Megaformer, Nadya enjoys spending time with her energetic chocolate lab and being a newlywed.

A life long fitness enthusiast, Virginia has done it, and taught it all - from weight training to yoga. She fell in love with CoreLab the very first time she took a class. Virginia believes that if you want to change your body, you have to challenge your body. And, she has personally experienced that CoreLab's Megaformer workout can do that in ways that other workouts simply cannot.

A former barre fanatic and instructor, Carolyn strongly believes that you don't get the a** you want by sitting on the one you've got! The Megaformer, with its limitless possibilities, variations and efficiency, whipped Carolyn's body back into shape after she had her baby and she's paying it forward by helping others achieve their fitness goals. Carolyn will encourage you to fall in love with fitness and push yourself beyond your comfort zoneā€¦.because that is when change happens.

corelab 192 katonah avenue katonah, ny 914.401.4224 email:
CORELAB 192 katonah avenue katonah, ny 914.401.4224 email: