This winter, we want you to get with The Program.

In collaboration with WELL Mind+Body, we have designed a multi-faceted approach to achieving your health and wellness goals in 2017.  

The Breakdown:


  • Three times weekly workout sessions at Corelab (strictly adhered to)

  • Three times weekly workout sessions outside of Corelab (cardio-focused with directed guidance given in weekly emails)

  • One rest day each week


Put down the cake. Put down the alcohol. The holidays will be over by the start of The Program. Read our weekly emails for nutritional advice, recipes to try and tips on how to stay the course with your diet. 


We will give you tips on sticking to your goals and how to not derail your efforts in the face of a bad day. We expect you to use them.


We require measurements to be taken at the beginning and end of The Program.  We can take them at the studio or you can take them at home, but they are required for you to have a baseline from which to measure your progress.


The Program kicks off on 01/02/17 and wraps up on 03/31/17.


We want you to take advantage of The Program. This is a one-time offer. Our goal is your health and we believe the Megaformer is superior to other workouts for delivering the results you want. In light of this, The Program will have a set monthly fee of $325, billed at the start of each month (the first month is charged at the time of purchase). This equates to $25/class over the 13 weeks assuming three classes a week. This is a one-time incentive that will not happen again. Please note that when you sign up, you must choose your preferred Corelab location. During The Program, classes must be taken exclusively at your selected location. If this presents a problem for you, please email us to discuss. We will try to accommodate your needs. You can sign up by clicking on the name of your preferred studio here: Corelab Katonah or Corelab Armonk.

This is not a challenge. We intend for these three months to be lifestyle transformational and we will provide you with the tools, the reinforcement and the dedication to become a stronger, healthier version of you in 2017. What we require of you is a little effort, commitment and resolve.

What are you waiting for?